Job title

Build Technician – Grade C (Trainer Level)

Reporting to

Production Team Leader



Standard Working Hours

39 hours – Mon to Friday. Initial day shift, moving to multiple shifts.

Holiday Entitlement

25 days + bank holidays

Salary and Benefits

£12 per hour, +10% anti-social shift rate, Company Pension Scheme


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Understand and accurately follow standard operating procedures.
  • The completion of build operations to the highest quality standard.
  • The completion of build operations comfortably within takt time.
  • Expert understanding of the product and build, with the ability to impart expert knowledge onto other members of the team.
  • Responsible for the training and development of the production team to the highest standard.
  • The unsupervised completion of build operations, maintaining throughput, safety and quality standards across the shift.
  • To work safely and adhere to all regulations, policies and procedures for health, safety and environmental compliance.
  • To maintain a clean and safe working area at all times, both for yourself and the wider team.
  • Maintain a neat and orderly appearance in the workplace, using the workwear provided.
  • To be consistently punctual and ready for the start of the shift.
  • To promptly notify the Production Team Leader of any part or equipment defects.
  • To rotate through multiple workstations and areas, flexibly and on request.
  • Support continuous improvement and problem resolution activities if required.
  • The daily completion of TPM and 5S activities.
  • To act as the Team Leader when required, such as holiday coverage.

Skills and Experience

  • GCSEs/A-levels or equivalents.
  • 5+ years of experience in general assembly work.
  • 2+ years of experience training, with training qualifications a big plus.
  • Automotive or marine powertrain experience a plus.
  • Must be energetic, driven and enthusiastic.
  • Ability to understand Engineering drawings and bills of materials.
  • Extensive experience and understanding of best assembly practices.
  • Ability to commit to a flexible schedule.
  • Experience with a wide variety of hand tools, lift assists and production equipment.
  • Excellent reading, computer and communication skills required.
  • Strong attention to detail and an ability to complete work accurately and thoroughly.
  • Strong ability to operate as part of a team.
  • Able to motivate, influence and encourage others to achieve high standards of work.

About Cox Powertrain

Cox Powertrain is a privately owned, well-funded company.  It has taken a clean sheet of paper approach through its five-year development programme to deliver diesel engine designs that combine best engineering practice with patented technologies to unlock new levels of performance and packaging.