The World's First Professional Diesel Outboard
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The Professional Diesel Outboard Engine That’s Truly Making Waves

We haven’t just ripped up the rule book. We’ve completely changed the game. The Cox CXO300 diesel outboard engine is a revolutionary new reality that achieves the impossible. The power, performance and weight of a gasoline engine. The efficiency and reliability of a diesel outboard motor. Now you can benefit from the best of both worlds and leave compromise trailing in your wake.


Superyacht tenders operating with the CXO300 can be refuelled from the mother ship’s main diesel tank, simplifying the refuelling process and eliminating the need for carrying gasoline on the mother ship.


Robust and reliable, the CXO300 diesel outboard not only lowers fuel consumption but offers extended service intervals, making it the logical choice for professional users.

Sport Fishing

Whether it’s the extra range, pure diesel power, or simply the ease of accessing diesel compared to gasoline, the CXO300 delivers.