Euronaval 2016: Cox to showcase CXO300

12th October 2016

Diesel engine manufacturing and design firm Cox Powertrain will preview its CXO300 outboard engine at the Euronaval show from 17-21 October near Paris.

A full sized model, the working version of which has been designed with economy and reliability in mind, will be on display at the show. Delivering 300hp and weighing 300kg, Cox says that the engine is ideal for marine outboard applications on the fast, rigid inflatable boats used by the UK Royal Navy.

According to company information, the CXO300 has been built to operate in demanding military conditions in which light weight and small package size are critical to mission performance, together with reliability of operation.

Cox Powertrain CEO Tim Routsis commented: ‘Euronaval is an important venue for us to showcase our technology to the military market. The development of the CXO300 is now entering the final stages of a five-year development programme so we are excited at the prospect of introducing this to the market ahead of its launch.

‘We have brought together some of the UK’s foremost experts in engine design to turn this concept into a reality. Owners can be confident that this new diesel outboard is ready for the tough and demanding environment in which it will operate.’

Backed by the Ministry of Defence, the engine concept is based on a supercharged, two-stroke diesel opposed piston architecture with Scotch Yoke crankshaft and a central injector position.

This engine design provides power-to-weight ratio comparable with high performance gasoline engines, whilst delivering diesel fuel consumption and a package volume around half that of a state-of-the-art diesel engine.

Crucially for military applications, it also offers longer service intervals during heavy use.


Source: Shephard Media
Author: Richard Thomas
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